May 7th, 2021



Today is mild and partly sunny but very windy.

I fed the birds.  I've seen four bluejays, a small flock of doves, sparrows, house finches, and a robin. 

EDIT 5/7/21 -- The wind has died down, so after supper I went outside.  I put compost on part of the septic garden and planted Agastache 'Apache Sunset,' Butterfly Weed orange and 'Hello Yellow,' Zinnia 'Benary's Giant Mix,' Bee Balm Lemon Bergamot, Yarrow 'Colorado Mix,' Smooth Blue Aster, and Aromatic Aster.  The Agastache packet contained the fewest seeds, so I planted all of those.  The others all have some left for another location.  There is also plenty of space left in the septic garden.

The crows were harassing someone again, probably the poor owl, in the Two Sisters trees at the east end of the south lot.