April 22nd, 2021


Early Irish People

... had dark skin and blue eyes.  They were succeeded by, and intermingled with, a population of light-skinned dark-eyed people.

Ireland's mythology tells about successive waves of immigration.  We also have the Black Irish, but in Irish that means someone with black hair, not black skin.  An interesting result of all this mixing, and the particular genetics involved, is that one family can produce extremely different children who look unrelated.  The gene for red hair controls melanin production, which means red hair tends to come with pale skin and often freckles.  So you can have one very white child with blue eyes and red hair (rr), two with medium colors (Rr), and one with very dark colors (RR), if the parents are both Rr.


Today is mostly sunny and mild with a light breeze.

Before lunch, I took pictures.

After lunch, I fed the birds.  Today I've seen grackles, mourning doves, sparrows several house finch pairs, and a brown thrasher pair.

Then we cut a big pile of brush in the prairie garden and hauled it away.

EDIT 4/22/21 -- I cut weeds and brush.