January 10th, 2021


Poetry Fishbowl Update

There are 50 haiku in the Exotic Planets section of the Astronomy Haiku, so that's what I sent to Mom and Dad for this session. \o/

Also, the galaxy is extremely weird. You wonder about "life not as we know it?" Just look at the real estate it has to choose from, and figure that life will be at least as diverse as the planets, and some of these planets are completely batshit.

Astronomy Haiku 1-5-21

This poetry came out of the January 5, 2021 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired and sponsored by Anthony Barrette. It also fills the "Creation" square in my 1-3-21 card for the Fresh Starts Bingo fest. This section marks the beginning of this year's Astronomy Haiku poetry collection.  The second installment is on "Creation."

All planets in this poetry collection are played by genuine celestial bodies, described with available scientific instruments and interpretations, then topped with a sprinkle of poetic language; plus a few theoretical examples extrapolated as variations on known celestial configurations. See footnotes for scientific references.

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