November 7th, 2020


Community Building Tip: Biking

For my current set of tips, I'm using the list "101 Small Ways You Can Improve Your City.

48. Bicycle to new parts of your city. Slow Roll, a community bike ride series that started in Detroit, gathers riders to interact and explore new parts of the city, promoting riding in new neighborhoods, as well as expansions of bike lanes and bike share systems into underserved areas.


Call for Cosponsors

[personal profile] fuzzyred is seeking cosponsors for "Well Served by a Cosmopolitan Attitude" ($162), which introduces Boss Finn to Captain Kelvin.  Its sequel, "Continuities and Changes," is already sponsored.  That one brings in a white hat with capybara traits.  So she'll have a troubled youth expert and a terrific chamfer, creating a good balance between black hat and white hat input -- assisting her in maintaining the medical neutrality she prefers.  If you want to chip in, please leave a comment on that post.

Later on, the idea is to introduce the two new characters to each other and eventually present the new facilities.  I already have notes for those, but when I realized how many separate poems I needed to write, I decided there wasn't room for all that right at the beginning of a fishbowl.