September 11th, 2020


Oregon Wildfires

Massive fires are burning out of control in Oregon, near Portland.  You can see them on a map.

Back in junior high, my parents and I visited the West Coast on vacation.  I looked at the water situation and the way people were building and I said, "This is a bad place to be.  There's already not enough water, more people are coming in, and they're building in all the wrong places.  It's going to wind up with Water Wars and wildfires."

Most of them thought I was nuts.

But I told you so.

Also, current forecast: this is as least-bad as it's ever going to be on a human timescale.  The atmosphere is getting hotter and that part of the country is drying out more and more.  It's going to keep burning, patch by patch, until there's not enough fuel left to sustain that kind of fire.  And there will be less and less water to fight with.