July 23rd, 2020


Self-Awareness Question: Senses

Folks have mentioned an interest in questions and conversations that make them think. So I've decided to offer more of those. This is the current list on self-awareness.

40. Which sense do you use the most?

Honestly, I have acute senses and lack the modern detachment from things like smell and taste, so I use all of mine more vigorously than average.  Plus my subtle senses for mystical matters.

Most people are happy to bitch about it, until they want to know whether the milk is starting to go sour or there's something creepy about, then suddenly it's useful.  But you know what?  I am not a fucking vending machine.  That service is only available to people who respect my senses and the work I've put into them.


Screaming Owlets

I have definitively pinned down the sound of the screaming noise: baby great-horned owls.  I saw one perched atop a telephone pole tonight, ear tufts and all, with the sound of another also shrieking in the distance, which I later also spotted.  They may be from the same nest, spread across several acres for feeding over a wider range.  They look almost full-size, but are still demanding parental attention, so they're probably not good at hunting yet.  They are somehow adorable, sitting up there screaming.  So we not only have great-horned owls in the area, they are breeding well enough to fledge chicks.  :D 3q3q3q!!! 


My partner Doug found the SurvivaLighter, which:

* Uses no fuel of any kind
* Is rechargeable
* Is totally windproof and light under adverse conditions with a 99.99% success rate
* Is totally waterproof and must be capable of lighting even while sprayed with water
* Is shockproof and dustproof

Basically, it's a pocket Tesla coil.  It is described as "rugged" and meant for military use, so it doesn't seem fragile like most advanced technology.  I imagine this is a typical lighter for Terramagne.

Contrast with a magnesium lighter which is low-tech, rugged, waterproof, and cheap ... but in no way windproof.