March 27th, 2020


Lost Fantasia: The Disappearance of Sunflower

Here is a glimpse of the missing centaur Sunflower, cut out of Disney's Fantasia.  While the racial dynamics are bad -- early portrayals of black characters tend to be servants or worse -- this type of censorship whitewashes the past and erases black characters altogether from early works. >_<  

Watch this immediately, because Disney is vehement about erasing this content, so it will almost certainly disappear soon.

And now I want to show the other centaur girls polishing Harriet's hooves or something.  :D  Because fuck racism and erasure with a double dildo.

Nonslip Paint

You can make your own nonslip paint.

What they barely touch on, in talking about whether you'd walk on it barefoot, is the safety issue created by the grit.  If you spread out large grains, and someone falls on it, that's like falling on a cheese grater.  It takes very little pressure to remove a layer of skin.  (My grandparents had a wall textured with sand, and brushing against it could take skin off.)  A safer version is to use so much fine grit that the surface is evenly rough, like an emery board, not bumpy.  This will add grip when wet, although nothing that's safe to walk on will push texture through ice.

Stoic Exercises

Stoic exercises develop fortitude and perseverance in the face of hardships.

My personal favorite is staying out in the rain.  For practice, most people want a light rain, warm to moderate.  Harder or colder rain is for experts, because the risk of getting sick from it runs higher.  I'm also fond of the Renaissance faire observation: "You can only get so wet."  That is, if you have to work all day somewhere you can't wear a raincoat, you are going to get 100% wet, and there is no point trying to avoid it.  Once you are soaked, you can't get any wetter no matter what happens.  It can all be fixed at the end of the day with a towel and a change of clothes.

It's important to understand how your body reacts to stress, which things you can endure easily, which you can if you push, and which you really need to avoid because they'll flatten you.  Knowing your limits helps you make prudent choices and avoid problems.  It also reduces the tendency to panic under stress, and keeping your cool is a vital life skill, because panic can kill you.  No problem is so bad that panic can't make it a lot worse.

Pink Slime

 ... can now be sold as ground beef.  So while the government is running around trying to convince people it cares about their health and safety, no it does not.  It cares about power and money.

As the quality of the commercial food supply continues to degrade, consumers will once again have to scramble for new, expensive labels in order to identify actual food.  Or buy from a reputable butcher who doesn't adulterate the ground beef with questionable "government-approved" additives and fillers.  This is a good reason to look for a farmer's market or CSA that offers meat.

Alternatively, buy a meat grinder and insert actual hunks of dead animal into it.  Then you will know exactly what you are getting, and more importantly nowadays, NOT getting.


Today is warm and gray.  It rained last night.  My flowers are still open, though.  The blue grape hyacinths are opening and the apricot tree has buds.

I fed the birds.  There are doves, sparrows, cardinals, dark-eyed juncos, and robins about.  Also a squirrel.

I trimmed brush along the south side of the house.

Avocado Cartels

This article talks about how Mexico's gangs have switched from illegal drugs to legal whatever-is-profitable, current case in point: avocados. Used to be, a handful of major criminal organizations controlled most of Mexico, in collaboration with a corrupt government. This was naughty, but it was in fact organized and that kept the mayhem down to a dull roar. Now the government attacks the gangs, which have splintered into dozens of fragments. Nobody is in charge, and it is a very bloody mess. This is not an improvement. This is a demonstration of why genuinely organized crime is preferable to a list of worse situations, even though it is not as good as a healthy society with better ways to make a living than crime.

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