March 24th, 2020



Here's a disturbing look at how cities spy on people.

There are lots of reasons people might not want to be spied on, other than being criminals.  Not wanting their abuser to find them.  Not wanting their neighbors to ask nosy questions.  Worrying that someone will hack the feed and use it to hurt them.  Missing the land of the free.

One subtle effect is that if there are cameras in all the public places, people who dislike cameras will then dislike public places.  That means they're less likely to spend time in parks and more likely to stay at home where, if they have shopped carefully to avoid spying appliances, they are free from surveillance. 

This is ruinous to a healthy society.

Collecting Art

 ... can have a huge impact if you select an under-represented field.  In this article, it's African-American art.

You might choose to collect art by and about transfolk, or people with disabilities, or any other group that interests you but rarely appears in public collections.  Or if not art, then perhaps literature, music, or some other thing that represents their lived experience and accomplishments.

If you're an artist or other creator, you can contribute by making things that display diversity or focus on less-covered topics.  Right now, there's a lack of diversity in art and other creative fields, but that's a problem we can fix.  Anyone can contribute to fixing it.

Paint ALL the stories!

Bleaching Syndrome

 ... is a problem, for various physical and social reasons.

However, people are overlooking a huge part of the drive.  There's nothing that says a person must hate their dark skin in order to lighten it.  Many are likely doing this to minimize risk from outside attacks.  They may love their black skin, but it's a target that invites people to beat, rape, murder, or otherwise abuse them.  Where is the discussion about people who would prefer to keep their natural coloration, but sacrifice it in order to improve their chances of survival?  That's not going to be a good thing either, and I've never seen anyone talking about it because what very little discussion there is of bleaching at all seems to assume universal self-hate among practitioners.

Vegan Recipes

 ... with an African flair.

I'm not sure what's up with the arguments over what is or isn't vegan, though.  Plant = vegan.  Animal = not vegan, omnivore.  Though gods know, vegans and vegetarians can get really bitchy about food.

I'm also not sure where people got the idea that vegan/vegetarian isn't African tradition, since 1) that's the only food pyramid I've seen where the entire bottom layer is dark leafy greens, and 2) millions of Africans and some African-Americans are too poor to afford meat as more than an occasional treat.  Whether you're living on macaroni or beans-and-rice, it's not a lifestyle for poor people.  Now, managing a healthy diet, that's a different issue and much harder on a tight budget.

What is legal and what is right

... often have nothing to do with each other. I love this part in particular:

Thus, we should be warned by history not to overemphasize legality — or condemn all “lawlessness” — in our arguments for justice and our work in fighting oppression. To be clear, if a cop can kill you because they feel like it and you always “fit the description” of their target, you are not protected by the law. Why invest ourselves in protecting what does not protect us?

People should only support a healthy society that serves them well.  What does not should be torn down and replaced with something better.

Snack Recipes

 ... high in fiber

These are good if you can't abide whole-grain bread.  I like whole grains when they are good, but it's challenging to find good ones.  A year or so ago, Denny's started carrying multigrain pancakes, just as good as the hippie mixes I grew up on.  :D  Sometimes I find a good multigrain bread.  And of course, the Red Mill muesli flavors are fantastic.