March 20th, 2020


Scientists and Indigenous People

Scientists should work with indigenous people, not on them.

That's a nice premise, but it does fuckall good in a world where indigenous people have few or no rights.  They should have rights, but in practice they just don't.  South America is slaughtering their native people wholesale to steal their land.  North America and Australia did so long since, and never quite stopped trying to stamp out the last few survivors who they wish would stop pestering them about the genocides.

Stilt Studios

These little houses can be put up and taken down quickly, with minimal damage to the environment. 

I can see two awesome possibilities already:

1) Rent them to artists on vacation or sabatical.  Check into the facility, pick out your house, wander around until you find an unoccupied site with views you like, have someone come out and set up your house.  Stay and make some art.  When you leave, the house gets packed up for the next person.  \o/

2) Hurricane coming!  No problem.  Everyone packs up their house, puts it and their stuff into one hardened structure for storage, then shelters in another facility.  Afterwards, go rake the debris off the ground and put your house back up.  A brilliant improvement over the old Japanese custom of building with ricepaper and bamboo, as you do not actually have to rebuild your house, just reassemble it.  :D

New Crowdfunding Project: I Was a Teenage Creature

I Was a Teenage Creature has reached its goal. \o/  There's still time to hit the stretch goals and they're tightly packed, so if you're interested in this game, now's the time to chip in.

$5,128 pledged of $5,000 goal
123 backers
7 hours to go

Success! We Did It! – Goal Reached! ============= Hurrah, we have
reached our funding goal, and there is still almost 12 hours to go! We can
reach a Stretch Goal or two with a last-minute push, so keep spreading the
word! And even if we don't make it that much farther, it's still
super-exciting to have gotten this far. Thank You to EVERYONE for all your
efforts, and we'll see see how far we can get! I WAS A TEENAGE CREATURE is
coming to be! =========================================

For every $250 more than the campaign goal of $5,000 that IWATC's funding reaches, we will reveal one of the eight Alternate Creature Types and include an adventure/"episode" module with all pledges of $15 or more as a free PDF. Each Alternate Creature Type will be released as an independent splatbook expansion PDF, but if we double our funding goal and reach $10,000 the Alternate Creature Types will be released in one combined expansion book, in both PDF and Print On Demand formats.

The first Stretch Goal waiting to be unlocked is:
$5250 - Episode "Incursion" Emotion: Rage


Poem: "Before the City Sinks"

This poem came out of the March 17, 2020 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired and sponsored by Anthony Barrette. It also fills the "water" square in my 3-1-20 card for the Food Fest Bingo.

"Before the City Sinks"
-- a sonnet

The fires send up carbon to the sky,
Which warms the earth beneath the baking sun
And from the glaciers rivers swiftly run
To raise the ocean's waters where they lie.

In Venice, rising water turns the eye
As buildings sink, foundations near undone.
The barriers asea are overrun;
Stone lions strive to hold their noses high

The time is now to act while yet we may,
Put out the flames and save what things we can,
Before the city sinks beneath the waves --

Else Venice will become like lost Pompei
A marker for the foolishness of man
Where innocent lie bones in restless graves.

* * *


The sonnet is a classical form of poetry with 14 lines.  Learn how to write one.

Venice suffers increasing floods because the ocean is rising at the same time the city is sinking.  


Ruby Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe

This is gorgeous.  I like the concept, but I'm sure I could find a healthier chocolate cheesecake and just substitute ruby chocolate.  And for fucksake, if you want to make the color brighter, just add any red fruit, not food coloring.  Strawberry or raspberry would blend right in and bring up the fruity notes in the ruby.  If you like the tart notes, however, try pomegranate juice.