March 8th, 2020


7-layer Jello Salad

 ... the second-boringest I've seen.  The only boringer version used jello without the evaporated milk.  Come on, folks, if you're going to all this trouble, it must be a special occasion, so make the layers actually different.  There are many, many things you can add to a jello salad to dress it up.  Opaquing agents include ice cream, whipped topping, and cottage cheese.  You can change the texture with things like carbonated soda or applesauce.  Suspend things in jello, such as mandarin orange slices in orange or gummy fish in blue.

Jello Tetris

Check out the Jello Tetris.  There are instructions for making Tetrominos from Jello.  We used the knife method when I was little, but now there are cookie cutters and ice cube trays.  I strongly recommend using the Jigglers variation with extra gelatin if you plan to make Jello shapes.  Note that Jello will stick to itself unless you oil it, which is relevant if you want to arrange the pieces so they actually look like a Tetris game, let alone move them.  You can use unflavored cooking oil, or if your pieces are savory in flavor, use a more interesting salad oil such as black walnut.

Spam Calls

 ... are bad for people.  The article seems to have missed the fact that the result of too many spam calls -- disengaging from your phone -- is exactly how the brain is supposed to work.  You're supposed to dislike things that are bad for you and stop doing them.  If the phone is a source of displeasure and stress, it should be avoided.  And if people didn't cling to their phones all day, spam would less profitable and fewer people would make it, which would allow phones to be more useful for actual communication, like they used to be.  Or you could just talk in person, that works for nearby people too.


Some humans have functional extra digits.  (Others have partial digits that are more vestigial.) The original number of polydactyl births is about 1 in 500, but you almost never see any due to erasure, because the vast majority are surgically modified shortly after birth to resemble everyone else.  Those who manage to keep their extra digits, however, can often do things that other people can't.

They have the Extra Body Part(s) superpower. It's just not acknowledged that way.  It still lets them do more.

Today's Smoothie

Today we used:

1 cup guava nectar 
1 cup almond milk
1 banana
1/2 cup frozen cantaloupe chunks
1/2 cup ice
~ 2 tablespoons coconut milk

The result is pretty good.  It mostly tastes like banana, but with a generic creamy "tropical" flavor added.