March 6th, 2020


Climate Change and Economics

This article details some of the economic losses coming from climate change.

I've been saying this for decades: The economy and the environment are not opposed.  The economy is a subset of  the environment.  Therefore, no environment, no economy.

I continue to be frustrated that I, with my shabby math, still grasp some economic principles better than professional economists. >_<

Nothing Really Matters

Yes, it's possible for a bubble of nothing to eat the universe

More closely, the universe is a lot like foam already, and the bubbles in foam eventually pop.  This isn't quite the same as nothing, but can resemble it.  From a subjective view, they would be the same -- if you're in the dissolving universe, what happens after it dissolves you is moot.  But from an objective perspective, the foam will reform as soon as it pours over the next waterfall.  You kind of need that long view.