March 1st, 2020


Today's Cooking

I am making pheasant stock today.  This is my general recipe for stock.  I have the leftover pheasant carcass from yesterday.  I also have some mushrooms and onions that didn't fit into the pan, so those went in too.  I added a bay leaf.  Now I just ignore it for several hours.  :D

EDIT 3/1/20: Partway through the cooking process, it occurred to me to grab the other leftovers (wings and a leg) and take the meat off them.  So I diced up the meat and threw those bones into the crockpot also.  I now have about a cup and a half of diced pheasant.

From the crock I got five 3-cup cartons and three 2-cup cartons, for a total of 21 cups of pheasant stock.  I have put most of those into the freezer.

I'm reserving one of the 2-cup cartons and the pheasant meat for tomorrow's supper: pheasant quinoa.  I'll add some sort of vegetable to go with it, probably either mushrooms or mixed frozen vegetables.

I'm pleased with how the pheasant stock turned out too: it's subtle, but with a very rich, meaty undertone.  Exactly the kind of thing I want for crocking meat or reconstituting dried things.  \o/
monster house

Poem: "No Authority at All"

This poem is from the February 4, 2020 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired by a prompt from [personal profile] wyld_dandelyon. It also fills the "Monkshood - Beware for a Deadly Foe Is Near" square in my 2-1-20 card for the Valentines Day Bingo fest. This poem has been sponsored by [personal profile] zianuray. It belongs to the Monster House series.

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Food Fest Bingo Card 3-1-20

Here is my card for the Food Fest Bingo over in [community profile] allbingo. It has several different categories. I have made a mixed card. The fest runs from March 1-31. (See all my 2020 bingo cards.)

If you'd like to sponsor a particular square, especially if you have an idea for what character, series, or situation it would fit -- talk to me and we'll work something out. I've had a few requests for this and the results have been awesome so far. This is a good opportunity for those of you with favorites that don't always mesh well with the themes of my monthly projects. I may still post some of the fills for free, because I'm using this to attract new readers; but if it brings in money, that means I can do more of it. That's part of why I'm crossing some of the bingo prompts with other projects, such as the Poetry Fishbowl.

Underlined prompts have been filled.


Farmers MarketBlood Sweat & TearsPie
(hold Ng_moonmoth)
GrindBasmati Blues
BlendPopcornWaitressSweet PotatoesDice
ClarifyNothing to EatWILD CARD:
Old FashionedFed Up
Pressure CookerSharing a PlateCoffeeEnergy DrinkBlood Orange
Punch & SmashTake Out/Take AwayWaterGhost ColorsRed Drink


Environmental Activists of Color

 ... are speaking up.

I think that's great.  We need to hear from the people who are having problems.  But I don't think it will help much, because white people don't listen to brown people. They should, but they don't.  Even scientists, who of all people should know better than to crop data, ran out of the bush screaming "The cobra spit at us!"  They were warned that some cobras could spit; they didn't believe it because the people warning them were brown.  *shrug* Darwin Award waiting to happen, if you ask me, but nobody does.

By all means, include activists of color if you can get them.  But don't expect them to save your ass, because the people in power have zero fucks to give any of you.

Flint Water Crisis

 ... is just one example of systemic problems.

Let me be a bit more blunt.

Lead poisons people.
Therefore, using lead pipes to carry water poisons people.
That makes it child abuse and elder abuse, also murder.
Because lead pipes prevailingly affect people of color, it is also genocide.

But that's legal in America, as long as you finagle things a bit.  You can murder people with lead pipes all you want, as long as you don't actually get caught beating somebody to death with one.  Slow murder is business as usual.

To solve this problem, we need to ban doing things that kill people.  That means removing ALL lead water pipes and ensuring everyone has access to safe clean water -- even if they can't pay for it.  Because if the "right to life" doesn't include the means of survival, it's not really a right.  It's a paid privilege.

Poem: "Serenity, Hope, Balance"

This poem came out of discussions with [personal profile] dialecticdreamer about Genna in the Maldives. It also fills the "WILD CARD: shopping" square in my 8-2-19 card for the End of Summer Bingo fest. It has been sponsored by Anthony & Shirley Barrette. It belongs to the Strange Family and Aquariana threads of the Polychrome Heroics series.

Warning: This poem is mostly fluff, but includes some stressful thoughts about previous events in the threads.

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Rose and Bay Awards

The winners of the 2020 Rose and Bay Awards are:

Art: "Piper's Daily Paintings" by Piper Thibodeau
Fiction: "Magpie Monday" by [personal profile] dialecticdreamer aka Sarah Williams
Poetry: "Before Homosexuals" by John Scagliotti
Webcomic: "Oglaf" by Trudy Cooper and Doug Bayne
Other Project: "Torn World" by Ellen Million
Patron: TIE between
[personal profile] mama_kestrel, patron of the Poetry Fishbowl by [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith
[personal profile] technoshaman, patron of the Poetry Fishbowl by [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith

A big round of applause for our winners! \o/

Special thanks to our category handlers:

Art: [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith
Fiction: [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith
Poetry: [personal profile] readera Nominate poetry!
Webcomic: [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith Nominate webcomics!
Other Project: [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith
Patron: [personal profile] ng_moonmoth

This was our 10th year of the Rose and Bay Awards, folks. We've been applauding excellence in crowdfunding since 2010. Good job, everyone!

I hope you will all watch for great projects and patrons this year, and join us again for the next round.