February 19th, 2020


Yoga for Back Pain

... works better than pills.  Other types of gentle stretching also helped, but less than yoga.

While I doubt that yoga works on all types  of back pain, it's a great choice for the ones caused by muscle or joint issues, and some nerve issues that come from pinching or stretching.  Yoga makes people a lot more flexible and relaxed, a little stronger, all of which tend to reduce body aches.  Plus it costs nothing if you do it at home, has no risk of addiction, and minimal chance of other drawbacks.

This is especially good news at a time when doctors and police are abusing people who need prescription painkillers.

Meditation Methods

Here are some meditation methods other than sitting still.  Most folks can find something that works for them.

I will add another: balance meditation.  It's like standing meditation, but with only one foot on the floor.  You can hold the other in front of you, barely off the ground, and tap your toe down to restabilize if you wobble.  For more of a challenge, there are various one-foot yoga poses.  You can also balance on an object, such as a wobble board or a ball.  When you have to maintain balance, that really anchors you in your body and makes you more aware of your center.  For a moving version, ride a bicycle or even unicycle.