January 18th, 2020


Creative Jam

The [community profile] crowdfunding Creative Jam is open with a theme of "Power and Corruption." Come give us prompts, or claim some for your own inspiration!

What I Have Written

"Corrup" is today's freebie.

Fairybread's color-changing ability is no use in combat, but that's okay.
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From My Prompts


Medium Birds


Jobs, Not Handouts

Here's an article that calls for providing jobs, not handouts.   This is a much better idea for most people.  While there will always be some who need benefits because they are unable to work (children, frail elders, some disabled people, etc.) there are many more who wish to work but are not permitted to do so.  Even people with mental or physical limitations can often do some sort of work given appropriate accommodations -- frex, any desk job suits limited mobility, working with animals is good for many intellectual disabilities, and Deaf people may not mind an environment whose noise would be hazardous to the Hearing.  There's also no shortage of work that needs doing.  It's just that most societies have disconnected those things. 

Burnout and Heart Failure

This study connects burnout to fatal irregularities in heartbeat.  It can appear with increasing symptoms such as chest pain and fatigue, or nothing beyond the symptoms of burnout itself.  I was reminded of a doctor calling heart disease a "silent killer" among women.  And who gets worked to death the most?  Women.

Somehow, I doubt that this will make employers accountable for murdering people with overwork, but it might alert people to sacrifice a bad job or relationship in hopes of survival.  This shit really will kill you.

Poem: "Corrup"

This is today's freebie, inspired by a prompt from [personal profile] freshbakedlady. It also fills the "disaster" square in my 1-1-20 card for the Less Usual Bingo Patterns fest. Imagine that this is printed with the title in a fading or disintegrating font, which I can't make in Dreamwidth but have seen elsewhere.


Damaged manuscripts
float through cyberspace
like ash in a column of smoke.

Corrupted files give up
the ghost in the machine.

Order dissolves into chaos,
slowly, one bit at a time.

Entropy nibbles like
a cosmic mouse,
devouring the world
byte by byte.