January 10th, 2020


Hypnosis and Eating

Here's an article about hypnosis for weight loss.  People will try anything for that, with patchy results.

Trancework is one of the things we do in our coven.  The most popular uses at home have been sleep and studying, aside from the altered states we work with in group.  Basically, all it does is give you access to your brain's operating system.  You CAN make changes, including very dramatic effects, although big permanent changes typically take lots of repetition.  I've seen people learn things in 10 minutes while tranced that normally take weeks or months in ordinary consciousness, because you can show  things in there rather than just describing them.

What this means is, you need to think about what  and how  you want to change.  The typical framing used in the waking world isn't all that helpful.  But you can do things with trancework that you can't do any other way.  Consider setting an intent that you want to move your body more.  Try raising your awareness of what things actually taste like -- the nutrients in fruits and vegetables, the additives in processed food, etc.  Or tune into the signals of hunger and satisfaction, if you've lost touch with those.  Body awareness is very easy to do with this technique.  Are you trying to switch from less healthy to more healthy comfort foods?  Trancework is great for making new imprints.  You probably could tinker with your metabolism, but I'd be very careful about that.  It's a lot easier and safer to alter your perceptions, your eating habits, or your desire to move around more.  You're also more likely to wind up with healthier eating and moving habits, whereas focusing just on weight loss isn't necessarily healthy.

Sadly, most people writing about hypnosis don't actually know much about it.  This is a fantastic tool, but to get the most out of it, you really want to read about the psychology of how the subconscious works and some mechanics of the brain, and then dig into some hardcore stuff about the levels of trance.  You may cross into magical references for the deeper stuff because the clinical references don't go as far, although you don't actually need the deepest levels for basic reprogramming.  It's just good to know what you're doing in there.

In other words: garbage in, garbage out.

The Nature of Wealth

I saw this: Why 99% of People Will Never Be Rich.

It's simple math: in order for a few people to be rich, everyone else must have much less wealth.  That's all there is to it.  Creating a wealth gap so some can be rich necessarily means that almost everyone else must be poor, or at least not rich.  You can never get out of that equation in that economy, no matter what tricks you try.   The system requires  a vast supply of poor people to use as props.  If you're not rich, it isn't because of some personal flaw, it's because you live in a system that makes most people unrich to enrich a few. 

An egalitarian society has a much narrower range, and thus, nobody is really rich or really poor.  The democratic-socialist states in Europe tend to do this, and it works pretty well -- they're some of the happiest countries with high quality of life.  The high taxes cover the essentials, like health care and education, so you don't need a lot of money left in your pocket because most of what you still have left to buy is extras.

It also depends on the type of your economy, of course.  Above I'm describing capitalism.  In a gift economy, rich is defined not by what you have  but by what you give away.  So there are more ways to be rich.  A skilled hunter who takes food to the grandmothers, a widow who tends other people's children, a talented beadworker helping others with their regalia -- all rich.  That guy hoarding everything for himself?  He's poor, and people feel sorry for him that he never seems to have "enough" to give away.  In a gift economy, it is considered shameful for anyone to have too much when others go without.  You don't let that happen.  If you see someone hungry, you feed them.  And then when you come home soaking wet with no deer, somebody feeds you.

Always aim to know how the system works.  What people say about it isn't necessarily the truth.


Watch for ducks on ponds or lakes near you. Around here we see them every time the fields flood!



Regarding wood ducklings: don't panic, they're supposed to bounce.


Judging Movie Quality

... by how many people go to the bathroom during it

I wouldn't call that completely accurate.  Some people may get up for other reasons, like the intensity is too much and they need a break.  Also long movies are unkind to people with various physical issues, not all tied to elimination.  But if you're seeing the number drop as you edit the movie, that probably does mean it's holding their attention better.  Interesting method!

*laugh* I admit that I consider "dammit, I lost my whole weekend down this series!" to be an endorsement of quality in my work.

Mad Max on Ice

Russians, gotta love 'em.  They're building postapocalyptic trucks ... that drive over ice and snow.  You have to admire that Russian aesthetic of things that are beat to hell but still run.

I noticed two concerns, though.

1) Bullet holes change air flow.  This decorative feature lets frigid air deep into the guts of your vehicle, unless you have applied a barrier inside and I don't think they're doing that.  Now Russians know a zillion ways to keep vehicles running in truly marginal conditions, but I wouldn't bet on other folks being able to replicate that.

2) Lake ice + global warming + trucks = recipe for disaster sooner or later.  I'm sure the Russians have overlooked this.  They're used to cold as an absolute.  They're going to be blindsided by warming temperatures as badly as the poor Nazis were by General Winter.  :(  So no, I don't recommend driving your madwheelz over deep water anymore.  Frozen ground, sure, and if you want ice there are ways to get it that don't involve lakes or rivers.

But that video still rocks.  :D


Frozen Yoga

So a new thing is doing yoga in very cold weather.

You know what happens to muscles in the cold?  They stiffen up.  That would logically raise the rate of rips and other injuries, to say nothing of agonizing cramps.

This is a spectacularly bad idea. >_<

And while we're at it, beer yoga is dumb too.  First, you lose the enlightening effects of mindbody practice.  Second, you numb yourself just enough to make it easier to miss warning signs of trouble, thus raising the risk of injury.  Third, it encourages using alcohol as a way of enduring hardships, which is a very dangerous habit to start.

Did someone go down a list of dumb shit to mix with yoga, or what? Shiva wept.  What are we supposed to do with these idiots?

Touching in the Gym

I saw this: Is It Ever OK for Trainers to Touch Someone in the Gym?

There are two occasions when it's okay to touch someone that you don't know well:

1) They said you can.

2) They are about to get hurt and you can prevent it.  Do not overlook the importance of this in a gym where spotting is of the essence and other mishaps may occur.  This also includes other first aid type situations.

Otherwise, noooo touchie.  Closer relationships tend to evolve a freer exchange of contact, but casual acquaintances should be more reserved than close friends.

When in doubt, use a flip chip!  Designed for yoga, they work for any other occasion where hands-on assist may be desired at some times and not at other times.  If the hands-off side is up, just stay well out of reach from the person.  Some people have risky reflexes.  This is an excellent tool for anyone with body-contact issues or who presents events with variable contact.  It makes consent crystal clear without requiring any awkward conversation or explanation.