December 14th, 2019


Car Crash Injuries

 ... affect women to a much greater degree.  (And that's after they datacropped pregnant women out of the statistics.)  People are baffled as to why.

Well, a logical suspicion is simply that cars are not designed for women.  They're designed for men.  Women are smaller on average; men are bigger.  Just as one example, airbags designed for a standard male are capable of killing a smaller female or child.  Most companies build things for a "standard customer" who is, almost always, a man.  So the ergonomic and safety features of cars are not designed for women.  Imagine if a car were sculpted to fit the different frame size and shape of a typical woman.  I would expect that car to protect her better in an accident.

Community Building Tip: Little Free Library

For my current set of tips, I'm using the list "101 Small Ways You Can Improve Your City."

4. Create a little free library. Libraries may change and evolve, but the pleasure and joy of reading a book remains. In Dallas, the Little Free Libraries/Libros Libres project helped construct and decorate makeshift shelves positioned across the community, part of a wider community literacy project. Inspired by the wider Little Free Libraries movement, it’s creating a real-life literary community on city streets.

BookCrossing is another good idea, and requires no construction skills.

Frankenfoods in the Body

This is the first I've heard the issue mentioned, but here's a study showing that altered DNA from gengeneered food can survive digestion to get into the body and potentially affect cells.  

I'm a bit dubious, since I haven't seen other studies on this topic yet, but I can think of at least one area of significant concern.  I've also seen studies linking frankenfoods with leaky gut syndrome, and the whole problem there is that things get out of the digestive system into the body.  If we have a food category that increases that tendency, which also contains persistent molecules, that is a very bad combination.  Bear in mind that the human body is a lot more agglutinative than most people realize, and not only can new snippets get subsumed into human DNA, they can also latch onto symbiotic organisms necessary for survival and sanity such as gut microbes.  So this is something to keep an eye on.

This also makes me wonder if it contributes to the allergies to frankenfoods that Big Food is trying so hard to pretend don't exist.  The human body really doesn't like foreign tissue, especially when it gets out of the designated processing zone.  If frankenfoods are indeed shedding bits of DNA into the body, I can see why that would make the immune system go haywire.  Especially if they really are more prone to do that compared to normal food of similar type. 

I'm seeing more and more people complaining of "erratic" allergies where sometimes corn or whatever is fine and other times makes them very sick -- that's either a reaction to different types of corn or to different things put on corn (such as pesticides) that don't appear on labels and thus can't be avoided other than by avoiding the whole category.  Some people find that eating only organic food solves their problem, others don't.

A Whole New Flavor of Racism

Just when you think you've seen all the stupid shit that racism can do, a whole new monstrosity arises.  Statistical analysis of advertising indicates that ads targeting black and Hispanic people overwhelmingly promote unhealthy foods, thus contributing to their poor health.  O_O  Considering how many people die from diet-related diseases (e.g. heart failure, diabetes) this is a subtle form of economic and culinary genocide.  

It just makes me want to beat the food companies over the head with ethnic food pyramids.  The African pyramid actually has greens at the base.  The Hispanic one is decent, if less detailed.

I imagine if this nonsense happened in Terramagne, the culprits would be obliged to spend equivalent amounts promoting things like leafy greens (Afro-American) or nixtamalized corn products (Hispanic) to make up for the damage.

Rising Suicide

Suicide rates are skyrocketing.  That's just a general number, by the way.  If you look at higher-risk populations such as doctors, lawyers, veterans, or Native Americans then it's even worse.

This is what it looks like when people dump society like a bad boyfriend.  Fuck you, I'm leaving.  We've really built a society that is just plain bad for people.  Not all of them will put up with it.  That's sad.

There are many things we could do to make life more attractive than death, but America generally doesn't want to do them.  Suicide materials are all about stopping people from escaping, and teaching them to "tolerate" challenges -- not actually trying to make their lives more livable.  Like say, ensuring everyone can afford a home to live in, or not running leaky oil pipes across a reservation.  Nobody wants to do that.  I swear, it's like listening to the shitty boyfriend whine that he doesn't have a drinking problem and doesn't need couples therapy.  And the next thing you know, her taillights are disappearing down the road.

Sea Level Rise

 ... could displace 1/5 of the world's population by 2100.

That sounds low to me.  So many people live in coastal cities, and most of those will get washed away by rising water and/or storms (which are connected) followed by -- and this is likely something they're missing -- further upheavals and displacements as the former beach slumps inland.  Especially near saltwater, things that grow by the beach have to be tougher than those inland.  I don't think they're accounting for farms lost to salt winds as the beachline moves, or the loss of supporting cities as their former customers on the coast evacuate, just to give a couple of examples.