November 14th, 2019


Replacing Lawns

Here are some good ideas.

Of course, my definition of "lawn" is "whatever low-growing green stuff survives mowing and foot traffic."  We don't fertilize it.  We don't use herbicides or pesticides except as spot treatments of noxious things.  It has dozens of different grasses, small flowers, mosses, even sedges in the prairie garden.  :D

Today's Adventures

Today we went up to Champagne and met with my parents.

We picked up a nicer brand of birdseed than is readily available down here.  I also scored a new pair of tie-dye bamboo socks, in a slightly lighter color than my previous pairs.  \o/

There is a new store in the mall where Earthbound used to be, which will stay until February.  It's a South American native craft shop.  They have some cool jewelry and stuff -- I bought a rattle -- but they also have a wall of very flippant Native American activist T-shirts.  These included a Homeland Security shirt featuring not just Geronimo but a bunch of other guys.  I knew all but one, so I looked up Wolf Robe when I got home.  When I have more time, I want to go through the shirts and pick some to buy.  :D

We watched the Harlem 100 show at Krannert tonight.  It was interesting, though not as good as the advance billing sounded.  I was actually most intrigued with the set design and lighting.  Someone had very cleverly draped two vast swaths of white netting in many folds to form a backdrop behind the stage.  These and the back wall were then lit with a slowly changing rainbow of spotlights.  I wish I could paint, it would've made a spectacular still life just from the mix of colors along the folds.  Shiv would be mesmerized by something like that.  At one point it actually mimicked a sunset with red and orange tones down low, blue at the top, and streaks of red along the folds.