November 2nd, 2019


Community Building Tip: Neighborliness

For my current set of tips, I've decided to use the one I wrote based on how to make your hometown more like Bluehill in Terramagne-America. I took a close look at the town's positive features with an eye toward replicating them here with local resources.

* Neighborliness. People skills, social skills, compassion, citizenship, civic pride. There are classes, books, flyers, etc. for teaching new skills and plenty of opportunities to exercise current ones. People make an effort to know each other and what other folks' interests are. (A key reason this is possible is that T-American countries do not routinely rip workers away from their roots. People can move if they want to, but are much less often forced to.) An active community is a safe community: people are out and about, minimizing opportunities for unseen mischief. Meet people, be friendly, be helpful, teach social skills.

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Saturday Yardening

Today is cool and mostly cloudy. 

I refilled the thistle sock for the birds.

I have continued the process of putting away pots, and planted the pineapple mint on the off chance it might return in spring.

EDIT 11/2/19 -- Round Two, I carried two big pots of pinks to the prairie garden and planted them.  Sometimes these regrow.