October 24th, 2019


Asexual Awareness Week: The Asexuality Spectrum

For Asexuality Awareness Week, I present an overview of some orientations and identities along the spectrum of asexuality and aromance. There are doubtless more, so feel free to add those in a comment if you know of others.

Note that there are many different definitions of what "is" or "is not" on the asexuality spectrum. We are not going to argue about those here. If you identify as ace, you're ace. If someone else uses a different definition, that's fine too. Don't try to force your definitions on anyone else, and generally, don't be a dick. It's hard enough being QUILTBAG in a flat-sheet world without picking on each other too.

Furthermore, if you are uncertain of your relational leanings or have not examined them closely, consider your headspace before reading onward. Epiphanies can be disorienting. You might want to make sure you have a support person and/or time to process in case you need it.

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