September 21st, 2019


Community Building Tip: Walkable City

For my current set of tips, I've decided to use the one I wrote based on how to make your hometown more like Bluehill in Terramagne-America. I took a close look at the town's positive features with an eye toward replicating them here with local resources.

* Walkable city. Good sidewalks, cars minimized in the densest areas of downtown, excellent diversity of goods and services within a few blocks' radius. Look for proposals to renovate downtown areas and/or promote alternative transportation to cars.

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A friend of mine would like to ask a mix of techies and people who use screenreaders:

> There are some questions about where placing hashtags (this is for
>hubzilla, Mastodon, Friendica, ActivityHub) in a post is most convenient.
> Inline, at the end, or something else?