September 13th, 2019


Ms. Monopoly

A new version of Monopoly is coming out, Ms. Monopoly.  It's less gimmicky than I expected from the title.  One big change is that female players make 20% more than males, which has outraged many men.  (QUILTBAG folks can discuss how to handle diverse gender identities in the game.)  It also focuses on female inventors -- instead of real estate, players can invest in things invented by women.  One clear concrete benefit is that people will remember those things were invented by women just by being in the game, even if nobody remembers the name of the inventor.  Regrettably, the producer still falsely attributes the invention of the game itself to a man, when it was actually invented by Elizabeth Magie.  If the gender disparity gets more men interested in playing the Prosperity version, though, that would be good progress.

Full Moon Friday 13

When we noticed that we had a full moon on Friday 13, we threw together an extra ritual.  (Our main one is scheduled for tomorrow.)  We invoked Pagan symbols including Friday 13, full moon, black cats, and dancing around a bonfire.  We did actually light a fire and dance around it too.  After the ritual we made s'mores.  :D