June 22nd, 2019


Community Building Tip: Talk to Other Parents

In today's fragmented world, people can improve it by reaching out to each other. Here are some ideas for building community in your neighborhood.

Talk to other parents at the park. The neighborhood park is where I get the best scoop! If you have kids, the neighborhood playground can offer a wealth of info…which schools parents like and why, where the best activities for kids are, which new restaurants are coming to the neighborhood. Exchanging neighborhood info at the park is a time-honored tradition among parents, but so often today everyone is on their smart phone. And I admit, I’ve been that mom. But I’ve also learned to make play dates and gather neighborhood intel.


Given audience discussion under "Penny's Pocket Parity," I have decided to make a separate post about #pocketfail.

Pocket parity is a serious issue in sexism, because women's clothes often have no pockets or inferior ones. Rational dress was one previous rebellion that included ample pockets and other practicalities. Study results clearly show that women's pockets are smaller than men's pockets and hold fewer items.

Closely related, women's clothing often shows flimsy construction because fashion designers assume it will be worn only one season, and fast fashion is even worse. Even "clothes designed to last" are now expected to survive only 2-3 years. Many features of women's clothing -- lace, loose knits, synthetic fabrics, sequins, beads, glitter, foil print, etc. -- are especially fragile and prone to damage that requires replacing the garment.

Because bad publicity costs companies money, they dislike it. This means social media can be used to shame companies into behaving better and/or making better products.

So I'm introducing the idea of #pocketfail in hopes of discouraging bad pocket parameters and encouraging good ones.

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