June 21st, 2019


Poem: "Everyone Can Dance"

This poem is spillover from the April 2, 2019 Poetry Fishbowl.  It was inspired by a prompt from DW user Inky_magpie.  It also fills the "dancing" square in my 2-1-19 Romantic card for the Valentines Bingo fest.  This poem belongs to the Shiv thread of the Polychrome Heroics series.

This microfunded poem is being posted one verse at a time, as donations come in to cover them.  The rate is $0.25/line, so $5 will reveal 20 new lines, and so forth. There is a permanent donation button on my profile page, or you can contact me for other arrangements. You can also ask me about the number of lines per verse, if you want to fund a certain number of verses.
So far sponsors include: book_worm5, wyld_dandelyon, ng_moonmoth, mdlbear, tigerbright, DW user shadowdreamer, general fund, janetmiles, pool with DW user Fuzzyred

1081 lines, Buy It Now = $270.50
Amount donated = $240
Verses posted = 321 of 342 

Amount remaining to fund fully = $15.50
Amount needed to fund next verse = $0.25
Amount needed to fund the verse after that = $1.25

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Half-Price Sale in Polychrome Heroics

The pool has concluded. [personal profile] fuzzyred, [personal profile] ng_moonmoth, [personal profile] mama_kestrel, and [personal profile] bairnsidhe have sponsored:
"Penny's Pocket Parity"
"To Perceive Patterns"

I have marked these on the sale page and will post them as soon as I can.  Thank you for your support!

Although the pool is done, the sale itself is still open, so if you have any last-minute donations to make, now is the time.  

We also have a new open epic, "Everyone Can Dance," which I posted late last night in case you missed it.  That's locked at $0.25/line.


Poem: "Penny's Pocket Parity"

This poem came out of the 1/8/19 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired by [personal profile] peoriapeoriawhereart and [personal profile] alatefeline. It also fills the "student / apprentice" square in my 8-7-18 card for the Fairy Tales Bingo fest. This card belongs to the Fortressa thread of the Polychrome Heroics series.

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