June 2nd, 2019


Sunday Yardening

Today is mild and partly cloudy.

Round One, I fed birds and watered plants.

Round Two, I cut three more water jugs into greenhouses.  Then I planted four wildflowers in the wildflower garden: New Jersey tea, short's aster, and a couple of others. 

EDIT 6/2/19: Round Three, I cut two more water jugs into greenhouses.  I planted two Indian grass and one Ohio spiderwort in the prairie garden.  Some of the grass there is already shoulder high, and I can see a black-eyed Susan from last year.  :D  Then I watered the new plants.

EDIT 6/2/19: Round Four, I cut another water jug into a greenhouse.  I planted a butterfly milkweed beside the barrel garden.  I planted a short's aster and another wildflower in the wildflower garden.

EDIT 6/2/19: Round Five, I trimmed weeds from around the septic garden and sprayed weed killer on the stumps.

EDIT 6/2/19: Round Six, I sprayed weed killer on poison ivy in the prairie garden.

EDIT 6/2/19: Round Seven, I trimmed around the edge of the Goddess garden to make it easier to see.  It is all full of different types of thyme -- silver, lemon, English, creeping, and mother-of-thyme off the top of my head.  As it is now dark, I am done for the night.

Rising CO2 Makes People Stupid

The higher the carbon dioxide content in the air, the worse it affects people -- and it starts causing problems at fairly low levels.  The safe level is far below what is permitted in buildings and condenses around cities. 

On the bright side, plants soak up carbon dioxide and fart oxygen.  I would like to see studies of air quality inside forests.  I would expect them to be much better.  This likely dovetails with separate observations that walking in a forest is good for human health in many ways.