May 21st, 2019


Anxiety and Flight Threshold

This article looks at anxiety and its effects on behavior.  

Basically, anxious people respond faster to potential threats.  They have a longer flight threshold -- they'll flee from danger while it is still far away.  These are the people who are getting the hell away from storm-wracked coastlines now, while there is still time to evacuate safely; rather than several years down the road when another megastorm hits.  In an evolutionary sense, it's good for a population to have anxious (threat-avoiding) and bold (resource-grabbing) individuals to maximize survival chances.

The problem, of course, is that modern society doesn't respect flight thresholds.  There's little if any safe space.  So there's no way to turn off the anxiety by moving away from danger, causing it to intensify, which turns it from an asset into a disorder.  It's not the trait that's the problem: it's the environment.  We've built one that isn't actually very good for humans. :/


Tuesday Yardening

Today is chilly, damp, and overcast with a variable breeze.

I fed birds.  I saw two goldfinches and an indigo bunting at the feeders.  :D

I planted milkweeds and bachelor's button near the west edge of the prairie garden.

EDIT 5/21/19: I planted more milkweeds and bachelor's button inside the prairie garden.  One of last year's pinks has sprouted and rebloomed, so that's nice.

I saw the bald eagle again! :D 3q3q3q!!!  He was in the savanna somewhere and flew up when I walked in.  I just caught a glimpse of a big bird, but when he circled back around, I saw the white head and tail.  Then he flew off to the north.  Unless there's a ton of food, these apex predators have a big territory, so now I've seen him twice I think he is staying somewhere in the area.  And he thinks my yard is a cool place to hang out!  I am so excited.

Also I bought a few more herbs and seeds today.