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May 4th, 2019 - The Wordsmith's Forge — LiveJournal
The Writing & Other Projects of Elizabeth Barrette
A jawbone from Tibet has been identified as Denisovan.  The really cool thing?  High-altitude Tibetans inherited their ability to withstand low-oxygen environments from the Denisovans.

<3 diversity. 

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In today's fragmented world, people can improve it by reaching out to each other. Here are some ideas for building community in your neighborhood.

Support your neighborhood schools. There is a reason the most successful schools are the ones where parents are actively engaged. Good schools have successful, if informal, partnerships between the administration, the parents and the community-at-large. Even if you don’t have kids at the school, it’s important to remember that the local school is also a member of the community, and can greatly impact the neighborhood, positively or negatively. Our neighborhood businesses frequently host fundraisers to benefit the local schools. If you can attend an event, you’re helping the school as well as getting to know your neighbors at a fun community event.

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Here is a rare glimpse of Banana Republic as it once was.  They sold durable traveler's clothes -- things you could cram in a suitcase without wrinkling, things you could wash by beating against a rock, things you could wear in hot weather without dying.  Pockets everywhere, even on the women's wear.  Most of the stuff would mix-and-match well, although it was tricky for me with my coloring because a lot of it was muted khaki, olive, coral, etc.  But they had some colors I could wear, and I loved the comfortable clothes.  Despite the reputation for "safari" clothes, they also sold basics that would blend in with anything else, some of the most truly nondescript and classic garments I've ever seen.  Here's an example of a complete catalog so you can contrast the distinctively safari items with the basics.

I was heartbroken when it turned into just another fashion store, and I've never found anything else as good for travel wear.

Of course, it's still going in T-America, but they're a lot more practical.  As long as people go outdoors for work or recreation, this stuff stays relevant.

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