April 7th, 2019


Sunday Yardening

Today is a beautiful spring day: partly cloudy and mild with a variable breeze. 

I fed the birds.  Yesterday we saw a turkey vulture fly out of our yard!

Round One -- I planted 3 yellow raspberries in the berry patch near the orchard, then mulched around them.

Round Two -- I planted a snowball bush and a goji berry, then mulched around them.

EDIT 4/7/19 -- Round Three -- I cleared brush along the edge of the south lot where I will need to plant some privets.  It looks like most of the ones from last year survived, so there's not as much patching as I expected.  \o/

EDIT 4/7/19: Round Four -- I walked around the yard to observe things and pick up loose jug covers that had blown off.  I can reuse these to cover the privets later.