April 3rd, 2019


Cuddle Party

Everyone needs contact comfort sometimes. Not everyone has ample opportunities for this in facetime. So here is a chance for a cuddle party in cyberspace. Virtual cuddling can help people feel better.

We have a
cuddle room that comes with fort cushions, fort frames, sheets for draping, and a weighted blanket. A nest full of colorful egg pillows sits in one corner. There is a basket of grooming brushes, hairbrushes, and styling combs. A bin holds textured pillows. There is a big basket of craft supplies along with art markers, coloring pages, and blank paper. The kitchen has a popcorn machine. Labels are available to mark dietary needs, recipe ingredients, and level of spiciness. Here is the bathroom, open to everyone. There is a lawn tent and an outdoor hot tub. Bathers should post a sign for nude or clothed activity. Come snuggle up!

Hoppy Easter! Decorate some eggs. Or enjoy some colorful natural eggs (raw or hard-boiled). Check out these recipes for eggs, chicken, duck, lamb, and spring vegetables.

Poem: "These Three Forces"

This poem came out of the April 2, 2019 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired and sponsored by [personal profile] satsuma. It also fills the "Waldorf school" prompt in my 4-1-19 card for the School Days Bingo Fest. This poem belongs to the Arts and Crafts America series introduced in "A Country of Craftsmen."

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Yeti Bear?

This article suggests that the yeti may be an unknown species of bear.  As some bears stand erect and even walk a few steps, it is plausible to consider a species that does so more often.  Certainly a bipedal stance would be one way to deal with the snow and to reach food overhead.  Another interesting fact is that some species cope with cold weather by adapting a more compact form, such as shorter muzzle, ears, tail, etc.  That could make its face look more apelike even if it is not a primate.  Bears are also pretty smart, and while some are pugnacious, others are really shy and hard to find.  It's not hard to imagine one with the social tolerance of a snow leopard.