December 17th, 2018


Monday Update 12-17-18

These are some posts from the later part of last week in case you missed them:
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The Year-End Sale will run Monday, December 17-Friday, December 21. That covers everything from December 2017-November 2018. You can buy poetry for someone as a gift, anonymously or openly. I'll get this posted as soon as I can.

Poetry in Microfunding:

There are three open epics.

"Only If It Is Embraced" belongs to Polychrome Heroics: Damask . Pain's Gray gives Keane what he needs.

"A Cave Swarming with Strange Forms of Life" belongs to Polychrome Heroics: Iron Horses. Kenzie goes to Pretty Ears for counseling.

"The Tree of Damocles" belongs to Polychrome Heroics: Shiv and is part of the Christmas thread. When Shiv shies away from the Christmas tree, Tolli and Simon get creative.

The weather has been mild here. Several days have been quite foggy. Seen at the birdfeeders this week: a massive flock of starlings covering the yard, some of which are still here and eating everything in sight; a flock of sparrows, a few mourning doves, some dark-eyed juncos, several house finches, several cardinals, a downy woodpecker, a red-bellied woodpecker, and three squirrels. 


2018 Holiday Poetry Sale

A silver lantern glazed with cobalt glass panes sends a flickering blue light over the snow...

Welcome to the 2018 Holiday Poetry Sale! From Monday, December 17 through Friday, December 21, my remaining fishbowl poems from 2018 are half price. So are poems from the Creative Jam and other activities. Especially check out the epics; they range from $15.50 to $363.50, so if you've been yearning for an epic of your very own, now's the time! For those of you with just a few dollars to spend, we're starting with five poems at $2.50 and nine at $5. We have three epics open, all in Polychrome Heroics, so I'd rather not open another unless one of those closes. Thumbnail descriptions of the individual poems appear in the first section which is listed by price.

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