December 7th, 2018


Read "Hell's Kitchen Movie Club"

"Hell's Kitchen Movie Club" is a fanfic comic in which the Winter Soldier and the Punisher are brofriends for movie night. It is one of the most honest renderings I have seen of how men's relationships in general, and veteran friendships in particular, tend to work.  Sometimes, all you can do it flop on the couch with somebody else who's been there, watch movies, and try to ignore everything behind your eyeballs.

EDIT 12/8/18: [personal profile] peoriapeoriawhereart has typed up descriptive text for "Hell's Kitchen Hannukah Special."

Commenting When You're Not Up to Typing

A number of my readers have various issues that mean sometimes they can't type or otherwise make words well, but they can still read things. I came across this gem of a comment from [personal profile] jeshyr today:

I'm not up to typing today so instead I have this copy-pasted message to let you know I greatly appreciated this post <3

I figured that other folks could make use of that concept. All you have to do is write up a general comment (or several expressing your most common responses) and save it for when you need it. [personal profile] jeshyr further notes:

I have a program (“Copy'em Paste”) that sits on my Mac menu bar and holds things that I can quickly copy into whatever I’m writing, so I keep lots of snippets - including this one - in that. You could have a similar effect though slightly less effectively by keeping them in a Notepad file or similar.

Back when I was editing magazines and running an online school, I kept generic files in MS Word that I could copy and customize as needed.   It saved me a lot of time.

This works a lot like the trick of printing up things you most need to say when you go nonverbal, so you can carry it and point to lines as needed, but since it stays on your computer it's something most of us will use more often.  No matter how big the problem, small solutions can sometimes make a surprisingly large improvement in your functionality.