November 17th, 2018


Crowdfunding Creative Jam

The November [community profile] crowdfunding  Creative Jam is now open with a theme of "empowerment."  Come give us prompts, or claim some for your own inspiration! 

What I Have Written

"Of Liminal Bent" is today's freebie.

From My Prompts

"The Corridors of Power" by [personal profile] ng_moonmoth shows both the potential and the risks of technology.

"Watt Balance" by [personal profile] mdlbear is about energy and weight.

Recruiting Beavers

Wilderness workers are recruiting beavers for habitat restoration.  Beavers are a keystone species for two reasons.  First, they're fussy about water quality: if you have beavers, then you know that your water is pretty good.  Second, they have a huge impact on the whole ecosystem around them.  By damming creeks, they create ponds that establish habitat for many more creatures than a small trickle would offer.  Just putting back the beavers that have been extirpated from many places can go a long way toward fixing the damage.