November 2nd, 2018


Candied Buddha's Hand

I chopped up the last of the first Buddha's hand to candy, and added a big finger from the new one because most of the old had already been zested.  The bits should be between pea and bean size.  I wound up with 3 cups of pieces, which I have put into an equivalent amount of water with a pinch of salt to simmer until tender.

EDIT 11/2/18 at 8:45 PM: It's been about 20 minutes.  The bits are tender.  I poured off the water and replaced it with 3 cups of fresh water, then added 3 cups of sugar.  (For some reason, Buddha's hand turns bitter when cooked.)  Then I put the pot back on to simmer.  This is the actual "candying" part.

EDIT 11/2/18 at 10:15 PM: I scooped out the Buddha bits and put them on trays of parchment paper to dry.  I'm waiting for the syrup to cool a bit before I pour it off into a tub.  It cooked down a lot more this time.

EDIT 11/2/18 at 10:45 PM: I poured the syrup into a tub.  I also poked the Buddha bits to spread them out some.  We are now at the stage of trying not  to eat all the tasty gummies before they even get into the sugar.  O.O

Things to do with simple syrup: