October 30th, 2018


Poetry Fishbowl on Tuesday, November 6

This is an advance announcement for the Tuesday, November 6, 2018 Poetry Fishbowl. This time the theme will be "family of choice." I'll be soliciting ideas for housemates, friends, neighbors, coworkers, beat partners, dance partners, gaming groups, honorary relatives, foster families, clergy, counselors, best enemies, superheroes, supervillains, runaways, gangs, soldiers, refugees, trauma survivors, the whole QUILTBAG, other people who make their own families, discovering yourself, meeting new people, getting to know each other, weaving your lives together, supporting each other through hard times, traveling, fighting, struggling to survive, counseling, coming of age, creating a home, establishing traditions, exploring your town, intentional neighboring, discovering problems, troubleshooting, finding creative solutions, confronting deception, asking questions, exploring new techniques, learning what you can do, helping others, placemaking, houses, apartment buildings, group homes or thematic housing, neighborhoods, parks, community centers, churches or temples, counseling centers, clubs, other places where people find family, Friendsgiving, Friendship DayNational Good Neighbor Day, queerplatonic relationships, Boston marriageEasterns, a friend in need is a friend indeed, imprint vulnerability, personal growth, frustration, determination, unforseen circumstances, rites of passage, superpower manifestation, friendship jewelry, Terramagne locational jewelry, game night, and poetic forms in particular.

Among my more relevant series:
Clay of Life, Frankenstein's Family, Hart's Farm, The Moon Door, One God's Story of Mid-Life Crisis, Path of the Paladins.  
Polychrome Heroics focuses so much on connections that most threads and many individual characters relate to this theme.

I have a linkback poem, "Under a Blood-Red Moon" (7 verses, standalone). 

If you're interested, mark the date on your calendar, and please hold actual prompts until the "Poetry Fishbowl Open" post next week.  (If you're not available that day, or you live in a time zone that makes it hard to reach me, you can leave advance prompts.  I am now.)  Meanwhile, if you want to help with promotion, please feel free to link back here or repost this on your blog. 

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Poem: "Commitment to a New Day"

This is the second freebie for the October 2, 2018 Poetry Fishbowl with thanks to new prompters Senõr Tequila and Hope, and new donor [personal profile] caera_ash. It also relates to stories that [personal profile] dialecticdreamer and [personal profile] siliconshaman have been posting, so first read "Anime and Chill" then "Evening Anime." My poem picks up the next morning. It also fills the "nutmeg" square in my 9-5-18 Spices card for the 1000 Words or Less Bingo fest. It belongs to the Shiv thread of the Polychrome Heroics series. This also unlocks a sequel that [personal profile] siliconshaman is writing.

Warning: This poem contains intense and controversial topics. Highlight to read the warnings, some of which are spoilers. It features the morning after an impromptu sleepover, making breakfast in an unfamiliar kitchen, spilling soy sauce on a shirt, borrowing clothes, Shiv is still twedgy about raisins in rice, and also food-defensive, Lieutenant Brown mistakes Shiv and Luci for lovers, then grovels a lot, concrete apology, platonic relationship issues, and other angst. If these are sensitive issues for you, please consider your tastes and headspace before reading onward.

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Poetry Fishbowl Report for October 2, 2018

This month's theme was "If you're going through hell, keep going!" I wrote from 1:15 PM to 6:45 AM, so about 15 hours 30 minutes, allowing for lunch and supper breaks. I wrote 5 poems on Tuesday and another 7 later on.

Participation was modest, with 15 comments on LiveJournal and another 56 on Dreamwidth. Please welcome new prompters Senõr Tequila and Hope, whom you have to thank for the second freebie.

Read Some Poetry!
The following poems from the October 2, 2018 Poetry Fishbowl have been posted:
"Hoppy the Wobbit" (children's fiction)
"A Little Heaven and Hell"
"Notes from the Ciphernet"
"Through Hell, into Heaven"
"Where All the Parts Fit Correctly"

"Between the Normal and the Abnormal" (standalone, August 7, 2018 Poetry Fishbowl spillover) (linkback perk)
"Close to the Brokenhearted" (Polychrome Heroics, August 7, 2018 Poetry Fishbowl) (free epic)
"A Double-Edged Sword" (Polychrome Heroics: Calliope, September 4, 2018 Poetry Fishbowl spillover)
"Commitment to a New Day" (Polychrome Heroics: Shiv, outside fishbowl) (free perk)

Buy some poetry!
If you plan to sponsor some poetry but haven't made up your mind yet, see the unsold poetry list from October 2. That includes the title, length, price, and the original thumbnail description for the poems still available.

All currently sponsored poems from the September 4, 2018 Poetry Fishbowl have been posted. Donors this time include [personal profile] satsuma, [personal profile] redsixwing, [personal profile] ng_moonmoth, [personal profile] janetmiles, [personal profile] fayanora, [personal profile] erulisse, [personal profile] caera_ash, Anthony and Shirley Barrette. Please welcome new donor [personal profile] caera_ash who helped bring you the second freebie. Per the $200 goal, "Close to the Brokenhearted" is the free epic. Per the $250 goal, that's one tally toward a bonus fishbowl. Per the $300 goal, we had a half-price sale in Polychrome Heroics.

The Poetry Fishbowl project also has a permanent landing page.

Poetry Fishbowl Report for Tuesday, October 2, 2018

The following poems from the October 2, 2018 Poetry Fishbowl are currently available. Poems may be sponsored via PayPal -- there's a permanent donation button on my Dreamwidth profile page -- or you can write to me and discuss other methods.
There are still verses left in the linkback poems "We Will Fade into You," "The Open Gyre," "Growing Green, Growing Gold," "Mysterious and Impermanent," "The Attack of the Dragon Shrimp," "Greater Than the Sum," "Cleaning Achnai's Oven," "Nascent Wisdom," "An Innocence Reclaimed," "Where Symbols Had the Power," "A Lively Feast," "Between the Normal and the Abnormal." Linking to this page will reveal new verses in whichever linkback poem you request

"The Hottest Blood of All"
Your prompt about grief inspired the free-verse poem "The Hottest Blood of All." A boating collision in the Maldives leads to some major life changes for our whales. This is hardcore hurt/comfort, but it has some hopeful aspects.
1206 lines, Buy It Now = $603

It was a little after 6 AM.
Graham had just gotten up,
and was still brushing his teeth,
when his smartphone rang with
one of the emergency tones

"The Keeper of His Identity"
Your prompt about She Walks in Mist inspired the free-verse poem "The Keeper of His Identity." Joseph Elkdog learns that his sister is still alive, and hurries to visit her.
396 lines, Buy It Now = $198

Joseph Elkdog put his back into it
and hauled another load of lumber
down toward the edge of the lake.

The Graton Reservation had taken
moderate damage from an earthquake
clocking in at 6.5 on the moment scale

"On the Crust of an Unfinished Planet"
Your grace prompt contributed to the free-verse poem "On the Crust of an Unfinished Planet." Refugees and rescue workers come together in Rain City to rebuild after the earthquake.
244 lines, Buy It Now = $122

The month after the earthquake,
Rain City was rubble and chaos.

People reminded each other
that it takes an earthquake
to remind us that we walk on
the crust of an unfinished planet

"Toads and Butterflies"
"Toads and Butterflies" is a short poem about autumn.
3 lines, Buy It Now = $5

"You Can Only Go Forward"
Your Calliope prompt inspired the free-verse poem "You Can Only Go Forward." The morning after the attempted bond severance, Calliope and Vagary talk about what to do next.
588 lines, Buy It Now = $294

Calliope woke to spring sunlight
pouring through the windows of
the living room where she lay
sprawled on the hide-a-bed
with Vagary on the other side

* * *

Not part of the fishbowl, but currently available:

"21 Ways That Supervillains Say No"
This is a poem about consent and the lack thereof, and why violating the boundaries of a supervillain is a really bad idea.
26 lines, Buy It Now = $15