October 28th, 2018


Inclusive Games from Terramagne

Friday I wrote about games for blackouts or blind people. Saturday morning I woke up with a head full of inclusive games from Terramagne. Most can be replicated with local materials, although some are easy for home crafters while others are much more difficult. In some cases, local options aren't quite as good -- velcro is stiff and scratchy compared to vrip -- but should work. I have described the sizes as best I could; those matching standard sizes (e.g. poker chips) are probably correct but I could be off on other aspects.

Play All is a T-American game company that makes games and game pieces with inclusive features. It was started by several Kraken members who retired from supervillainy due to various disabilities and went into gaming. So Kraken encourages it and provides some support, but it's not a wholly-owned subsidiary company. It is one of the most popular places to stash people who don't want to become supervillains or minions, because they have so many different types of jobs suited to employees with various abilities and special needs.

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In Which We Are Slightly Evil

So we're making a goatloaf and honey beans today.  These require a chopped onion.  We're bagging my half of the onion for later, when the fairies start trying to grab the baggie.  Having fairies is like having invisible toddlers and kittens.  

Doug had the brilliant idea to put a few bits of onion in a bowl and set it in the fairy window.  Sure, that's worth a try.

"Okay, you asked for it."

"EEEEEE hothothot EEEEEE!!!"

I laughed my ass off.  <3 sadistic humor.