October 27th, 2018


Games for Blind People or Blackouts

I was actually wanting games that could be played with the power out, that is, in dim light or darkness. There's one I've heard of but don't own, that uses a candle on the board to cast shadows, trapping little gnomes. It's called Waldschattenspiel (Shadows in the Forest). You can buy it or make your own. (I'd like to have this in my collection.) But it's the only blackout game I've encountered in local-Earth. Terramagne has it as a whole genre. *wist* They're very different than what I'm finding here -- more shadowplay games, more audio games, but also more tactile games that were designed that way not modified.

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Gay Penguins Hatch Egg

Penguins sometimes form homosexual couples, and several times, zookeepers have given them eggs.  Now the Gentoo penguins Sphen and Magic have successfully hatched an egg.  :D 3q3q3q!!! 

Does anyone here make art for t-shirts?  Because this needs to be a t-shirt set.  One with the whole family, and separate shirts with the individual members, for gay families to wear.  Also, a Sphen/Magic t-shirt would be a great way for a single gay man to flag that he seeks a permanent relationship including children, rather than a fun fling or childfree.

Of course, in T-Australia, Magic probably has the Male Egg-laying superpower, and the images will be on everything  in time for holiday shopping season.  Most gay families will probably get 2-5 sets for Christmas or whatever, and many gays who don't already collect penguin things will start just for the Sphen/Magic stuff.  \o/