October 24th, 2018


Hard Things

Life is full of things which are hard or tedious or otherwise unpleasant that need doing anyhow. They help make the world go 'round, they improve skills, and they boost your sense of self-respect. But doing them still kinda sucks. It's all the more difficult to do those things when nobody appreciates it. Happily, blogging allows us to share our accomplishments and pat each other on the back.

What are some of the hard things you've done recently? What are some hard things you haven't gotten to yet, but need to do? 
 Is there anything your online friends could do to make your hard things a little easier?

Easterns as a Genre

It's not very often that I spot a new genre, but I just clocked one in Terramagne.

Easterns are related to Westerns, set in the same time period of roughly 1865-1900, but in the eastern and more urban part of America. In this regard they're almost mirror images of each other, with Easterns focusing on cities, civilization, and society rather than wilderness. Subgenres include soap opera, comedy of manners, legal/crime drama, and the hugely popular Boston marriage centering on a lesbian or queerplatonic relationship. Although Westerns tend to be dominated by men, Easterns feature far more women. Another interesting aspect is the color psychology. Whereas most Westerns use a warm palette, most Easterns use a cool palette.

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Medications That Cause Memory Loss

While researching something else, I stumbled across this list of common medications that can impair memory functions.  In some cases, like narcotics, it happens because of a general fuzzing effect -- anything that lowers your state of alertness tends to make memory tasks harder.  That's a side effect, so sometimes it can be gotten around.  Others are mechanical, like antihistamines that inhibit acetylcholine -- anything that suppresses the function of a biochemical element of memory tends to make memory worse.  That's a direct  effect which is a pain in the ass; you can't avoid it with any drug which acts on that aspect of biochemistry.  Short-term use has less impact, whereas long-term use tends to compound over time.  If you need medication that can impair memory, try to make it as-needed or short-term rather than ongoing maintenance meds.  Warning labels on some are being updated to warn of memory impairment, so watch for that, and if you see it then ask if there's a different drug without that problem.

Wednesday Yardening

Today is sunny, breezy, and cool.  Yesterday we bought a big bag of 60 mixed crocus, so today I planted some of them around the septic garden.  Maybe about half?  Whew!  That was a lot of work.

Many of the plants are dead after the frost.  Most of the trees haven't turned color and there are dead gray-green leaves on a lot of them.  :/  WTF, Nature.

This morning I saw a squirrel, a bluejay, and a lady cardinal around the hopper feeder.  I saw a dark-eyed junco in the hopper feeder.  :D