October 16th, 2018


Dancing Robot

This dancing robot demonstrates a number of impressive features.  First, you can see its resemblance to the famous cheetahbot, where the legs are almost identical but the body is much slimmer.  The motion has become more articulated and graceful, with swiveling movements.  Second, the addition of a head on a long neck resembles that of a heron, which tucks into an S-shape when not needed but can extend quite far to give the robot a better view.  It's not quite what I'd call "cute" yet, but it's much more elegant, much more functional, and a great deal less scary.  \o/ 

Poetry Pool

[personal profile] ng_moonmoth and [personal profile] fuzzyred are discussing a poetry pool.  [personal profile] fuzzyred is looking at Shiv, Pain's Gray, and Officer Pink.  [personal profile] ng_moonmoth is most interested in the two Iron Horses poems.  Both of them would like to finish "In the Depths of Your Grief."  That one is $0.25/line and needs $176.50 to be complete.  Finishing it would open the way for "A Way Out of No Way," on sale for $59.50 this week.

If anyone else is interested in these poems, here's your chance.  Pooling funds lets you take advantage of the quarter-price rate.  So if this appeals, please join the discussion there to let folks know.

EDIT 10-16-18: So far the pool has enough to sponsor the remainder of "In the Depths of Your Grief," a Shiv poem, and an Iron Horses poem (to be chosen by participants).  If more money comes in, next will be an Officer Pink poem.  Here's the current comment for folks wishing to watch developments.  Interested parties should contact [personal profile] ng_moonmoth to make arrangements.