October 10th, 2018


Good News

Good news includes all the things which make us happy or otherwise feel good. It can be personal or public. We never know when something wonderful will happen, and when it does, most people want to share it with someone. It's disappointing when nobody is there to appreciate it. Happily, blogging allows us to share our joys and pat each other on the back.

What good news have you had recently? Are you anticipating any more? Have you found a cute picture or a video that makes you smile?

Today's Adventures

We went up to Champaign to try an Indian buffet that Doug recommended.  Much of it was okay rather than impressive, but we both loved the fruit custard -- basically, chunks of tropical fruit swimming in a mango cream sauce.  The boiled egg curry was interesting too.

Then we went to Wild Wheat, the antique store that's going out of business, and bought a couple of bookcases.  I also found a handful of polished stones and a beaver skull.  We picked up a couple books at another antique store next door while waiting for all the stuff on the shelves to get unloaded.

On the way home, we got a Fanta pineapple soda, which is quite good.  Both of us noticed a coconut base note.  Turns out, it actually contains coconut oil.  It's very nearly a pina colada soda.  :D 

Poll: Free Epic for the October 2, 2018 Poetry Fishbowl

The October 2, 2018 Poetry Fishbowl made its $200 goal, so you get a free epic. Everyone is eligible to vote in this poll. I will keep it open until at least Thursday night. If there's a clear answer then, I'll close it. Otherwise I may leave it open a little longer.

Here are your options:

"Close to the Brokenhearted"
A Dreamwidth clergy prompt inspired the free-verse poem "Close to the Brokenhearted." Sometimes a priest with disabilities is more use than one without.
64 lines, $32

"Becoming, Evolving, Ascending"
Micha Bautista encounters a mysterious and intriguing superpower, then tries to find the source.
236 lines, Buy It Now = $118


Poem: "My Heart Is a Prison"

This poem came out of the October 2, 2018 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired by prompts from [personal profile] freshbakedlady, Senõr Tequila on DW, [personal profile] librarygeek, [personal profile] alexseanchai, [personal profile] we_are_spc, and [personal profile] zeeth_kyrah. It also fills the "wrath / rage" square in my 9-30-18 card for the Fall Bingo fest. This poem has been sponsored by [personal profile] technoshaman. It belongs to the Moon Door series.

Warning: This poem contains intense material. Highlight to read the warnings, some of which are spoilers. It features chronic pain, a mysterious and miserable health condition, therapeutic abuse and manipulation, medical abuse and manipulation, ineffective care, vulgar language, messy medical details, everything is awful and nothing is helping, religious abuse and manipulation, angst, and other challenges. This may be particularly hard on readers with chronic health problems and/or a history of abusive caregivers. If these are touchy topics for you, please consider your tastes and headspace before reading onward.

Collapse )