October 7th, 2018


Robot Balance

This post claims that designers made a robot with better balance by modeling human motion.  I don't think it's the software; I think it's the hardware.  Almost everyone seems to make the mistake of top-heavy robots with the powerpack on the back, and they fall over because the build is inherently unbalanced.  But look at this one.  The powerpack is slimmer and the knees are bent.  This lowers the center of gravity and places the powerpack properly over it.  Me, I prefer to put them in the feet, but this is much better than other extant models.  \o/

Ross Ridge Reservation in Terramagne-Tennessee

A conversation over on [personal profile] dialecticdreamer's blog got me thinking about the Cherokee people in Tennessee. In local-America there are no reservations in Tennessee, all the identifiable natives having been murdered or removed by force -- illegally -- in one of the most graphic examples of genocide, the Trail Where They Cried. In Terramagne, the Cherokee managed to reclaim a small part of that territory ...

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