October 6th, 2018


Today's Adventures

We went up to visit my parents today. Stopping at Harvest Market, we got some gourmet burgers and mixed mushrooms.

Supper had its ups and downs. We all wanted sushi, but someone else made an order that tied up the only sushi chef for 30 minutes. 0_o So we got lo mein and fried rice instead, which actually turned out to be excellent. That was a lucky discovery.

Dad gave me a bunch of spare flower bulbs from his order:
25 Giant Yellow Jonquils for Naturalizing
25 Giant Daffodils for Naturalizing
25 Hybridizer's Pink Daffodil Mixture
25 Spectrum Sweet Aroma Daffodils Mix
20 Technicolor Daffodil Mixture
12 Spanish Bluebells
5 Double Campernelle Daffodils
5 Keizerskroon Tulips

That's more than I got from Prairie Gardens!  :D  It'll probably take me a week or two to plant all these.  I almost finished the last batch, though, only one package of miniature iris from that left to plant.