September 1st, 2018


Cottoncandy Bingo Card 9-1-18

Once upon a time, there was a lovely community called [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo. It hasn't been active since 2014. So I'm hosting a fest over on [community profile] allbingo using some of those prompts along with similar ones, running September 1-30. These prompts angle toward upbeat content, although creators can do whatever they want with them. This fest encourages people to create and share material focused on what is variously called fluff, schmoop, gentle fiction, light reading, comfort reading, positive thinking, chicken soup for the soul, or anything else that offers a fun alternative to usual run of sex, violence, and angst of modern media. It's open to all fandoms plus original content, and all kinds of material. (See all my 2018 bingo cards.)

If you'd like to sponsor a particular square, especially if you have an idea for what character, series, or situation it would fit -- talk to me and we'll work something out. I've had a few requests for this and the results have been awesome so far. This is a good opportunity for those of you with favorites that don't always mesh well with the themes of my monthly projects. I may still post some of the fills for free, because I'm using this to attract new readers; but if it brings in money, that means I can do more of it. That's part of why I'm crossing some of the bingo prompts with other projects, such as the Poetry Fishbowl.

Underlined prompts have been filled.


IntimateHealthy TouchScaredChangeBeach
Identify a feeling you're havingWhisperTrustClimbing a treeWatching Clouds
Write an open letter of supportOptimismWILD CARDWaterOpportunity
Respect LimitsPromiseHelping a StrangerLearning a New SkillLove
SafeAweSharingNurture Self-WorthSelf-awareness