August 26th, 2018


Today's Adventures

We held our esbat today, with a Greek theme.  Took a while to get the fire started, because it's been so wet here.  We couldn't even get the grass mowed.  0_o  But overall it went well.

For supper we had a black walnut quiche (fast becoming a favorite), a garden salad, a couple of different picnic salads, zucchini nut bread, and dessert was yellow watermelon.

I made the garden salad with a large carton of baby spring mix leaves, a medium carton of alfalfa sprouts, a small carton of sliced cucumber (which I cut into bite-sized pieces), and a pound of mixed mini tomatoes.  The other day we went to Amish territory for eggs, and they also had the tomatoes and watermelon. So we got the tomatoes and built a salad around them.  To assemble it, I simply put in a handful of each ingredient and built it up in layers.  Tossing salad just makes the chunky stuff go to the bottom.  I offered to make dressing, either vinaigrette or yogurt base, but people just wanted plain drizzles.  So I put out the balsamic vinegar, full-flavor olive oil, and truffle olive oil. There was shredded cheese to go on top too.

I was amused that the six people demolished all but about one serving of the salad.  Used to be, we had people for whom "salad isn't food, salad is what food eats."  If we put out vegetables, they'd pick at it.  Now we've got people who scarf down the green stuff, so I'll try and remember to serve it more often.  I know how  to build a good salad, I just don't usually because neither of us are big fans of salad.  I'll sample it if it's on the table, though.

The yellow watermelon, as promised, tasted pretty much like the red kind.  A bright sunny yellow with a light sweet taste.  :D  I would happily get that again.

Infinity War

Officially the worst movie I've ever seen.  That's three fuckin' hours I'll never get back.  Three hours of tedious hitting and pointless deaths and the most unsatisfying end in the history of ever.  >_<  If you have not yet wasted your time and money on it, don't.