August 20th, 2018


Monday Update 8-20-18

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There will be a half-price sale in Polychrome Heroics this week.

Poetry in Microfunding:

There are three open epics. We're full until at least one of these concludes.

"Energy, Made Visible" belongs to Polychrome Heroics: Shiv. Now Shiv flibbers over being unable to earn ALL the pretty colors at once.

"Only If It Is Embraced" belongs to Polychrome Heroics: Damask. In which a supervillain and a cop argue over donuts.

"When You Strike and Overcome Him" belongs to Polychrome Heroics: Officer Pink and has five new verses.  Ansel's supervisor Bert shows up.

The weather has been variable here, sometimes mild and other times warmer or cooler. It rained and we saw a splendid double rainbow. Seen at the birdfeeders this week: sparrows, several cardinals, house finches, and a few doves. In bloom: marigolds, gazania, zinnias, torenia, salvia, cleome, petunia, million bells, snapdragons, lantana, dianthus, peppers, begonia, morning glory, cup plant, echinacea, gladioli, bellflowers, and sundry others. Crabapples, apples, and pears have green fruit.

Happy 128th Birthday, H.P. Lovecraft!

Some folks are celebrating Lovecraft's birthday, as in this blog post of a horror poem.

From Terramagne:

April, 1917 -- H.P. Lovecraft wanted to join the Coast Guard, but nearly drowned during an open-water swim test. He emerged hysterical, insisting that something had touched his mind and shoved him toward the surface. Because of this and his poor physical scores, the Coast Guard rejected him. Lovecraft went on to write a wide range of horror stories, many of them featuring mysterious monsters associated with the ocean.
(L-America) In April 1917, Lovecraft tried to join the National Guard but did not pass the physical examination.

Half-Price Sale in Polychrome Heroics

This week, the poetry of Polychrome Heroics is on sale for half price from Monday, August 20 through Sunday, August 26. This series is superhero fantasy. It features themes of heroism, coming of age, diversity, identity kink, family of choice, friendship, and cultural engineering. Sale prices range from $27.50 to $305, so hopefully there will be something for everyone. There are three open epics at present, and at least one more planned, so no more for now.

Some of the poems are in sequence of related action, so in places there are prerequisites before a poem can be published. They can be sponsored at any time, just might have to wait for publication until something else gets posted first. Those are marked accordingly. I have also made lists of poems which unlock sequels, and poems which have prerequisites.

Collapse )

Poems that have prerequisites: "A Different Vision of Life," &"In the Depths of Your Grief," &"A Way Out of No Way," &"On the Other Side of Fear"

13 poems, $2001 ÷ 2 = $1000.50
prices from $27.50 to $305

DAMASK (2 poems, was $273, sale price $136.50)

"When You Begin to Worry"
As Mallory is settling into her new life, an acquaintance from her supervillain days tracks her down and wants to make sure she's all right. Things don't fall out the way Mallory fears.
436 lines, was $218, sale price $109

"Only in Acceptance"
The headmates think about their relationships with each other.
110 lines, was $55, sale price $27.50 SOLD

MARIONETTES (3 poems, was $1380, sale price $690)

"The Compass That Guides Us"
Griffin takes a vacation to Italy, reconnects with Glyn, and makes some new friends.  They take him into the resource room to find new clothes, since he doesn't have much left between the transition and the house fire.
715 lines, was $358, sale price $179

"A Different Vision of Life"
Frustrated by not knowning Italian, Griffin decides to learn it with superpowered assistance.
823 lines, was $412, sale price $206
Available for publication after "The Compass That Guides Us" has been sponsored and posted.

"Whose Qualities Are Thwarted"
A young man in Bluehill has a series of interesting encounters with a team of Italians who are setting up shop in town.
1220 lines, was $610, sale price $305

OFFICER PINK (4 poems, was $1151, sale price $575.50)

"The Day That Holds All Time Together"
Turq shares Christmas Day with Ansel and Janie.
300 lines, was $150, sale price $75 SOLD

"In the Depths of Your Grief"
As the raid captures more staff of the Umsetzung Complex, Turq finds out what happened to one of his cohort.
1129 lines, was $565, sale price $282.50 SOLD
Available for publication after the rest of "When You Strike and Overcome Him" has been sponsored and posted.

"A Way Out of No Way"
When survivors are found in the Umsetzung Complex, Turq goes to speak with them and coax them out of the cell block.
237 lines, was $119, sale price $59.50
Available for publication after the rest of "When You Strike and Overcome Him" and "In the Depths of Your Grief" have been sponsored and posted.

"On the Other Side of Fear"
The centaurs begin to come out of the cell block.  Ansel and Turq help them adjust.
633 lines, was $317, sale price $158.50
Available for publication after the rest of "When You Strike and Overcome Him" "In the Depths of Your Grief," and "A Way Out of No Way" have been sponsored and posted.

ASSORTED POEMS  (4 poems, was $850, sale price $425)

These all feature previous characters and threads, but I've only got one of each, and no real miscellaneous ones this time.

"Holiday in Handcuffs"
After Pain's Gray has a major flashback, Shiv helps him recover.
540 lines, was $270, sale price $135

"If You Talk to Him in His Language"
Pips meets Walden.  It's a bit of a bumpy ride at first.
571 lines, was $286, sale price $143

"An Inner Strength"
Many Tongues is exasperated that some children knocked over a bookcase in his den.  Kenzie and his friends help clean up the mess.
357 lines, was $179, sale price $89.50

"None of It's for You"
This poem belongs to the Berettaflies thread of the Polychrome Heroics series.  It happens in Week 9, Day 5 and comes after the stories "Milk Bottles and Newspapers" and "Calling the Maid" by Dialecticdreamer.
After getting fired as a medical transport driver, Dempsey LaTour becomes a bicycle pizza delivery boy.  It doesn't go a great deal better.
230 lines, was $115, sale price $57.50