August 4th, 2018


Horse Skulls and Dance Floors

 This article talks about the use of horse skulls to improve acoustics.  Okay, that's a practical component.  But you notice that the cultures doing this are very fond of horses.  There's definitely a ritualistic aspect.  Because if there wasn't -- if the horse wasn't special -- then we'd see a variety of different skulls and probably other objects as well.  This is supported by separate finds regarding horse heads and horses in other finds of mystical significance in the same areas.

Today's Adventures

We went to the farmer's market today. I melted down in the heat. Only after this happened did either of us think to check the temperature, which was 93F -- well above what I should go out in. :/ So we didn't get to double back to the food trucks that Doug wanted to hit, or the guy selling parquet turntables. :( Maybe another time. We need to pay more attention to weather and not just jump on the farmer's market during one of the few weekends we can fit it into our schedule.

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