June 8th, 2018


How We Watch Things

This post about cast ethnicity made me think.  I have never not  noticed the cast.  I might not be able to tell if there are any bit characters of color in a mostly white cast.  But the fastest way to sell me on a show is if it has a main cast mixed in ethnicity and gender.  Because otherwise, I usually can't tell them apart.  Take something like Dark Matter or The Flash -- those are easy for me to distinguish the characters.  But if you put half a dozen white guys together, sorry, they all kind of look alike to me.

Also, I get pissed if the gay, female, black, or otherwise different characters get fridged.  I am increasingly inclined to bail out of shows that do this.  It's just not entertaining to me.


Friday Yardening

 Today is mostly sunny and hot.  I went out twice.  The first time, I picked half a baggie of serviceberries, so now I have a full bag in the freezer.  \o/  The second time, I threw grass seed on some bare spots.  We have a chance of rain several times this week, so maybe we'll get lucky.

EDIT 6/8/18: Having bought a few new plants earlier today, I went back out and planted a lemon thyme in the goddess garden and a yellow sedum in the septic garden.  Then I watered them.