May 27th, 2018


Sunday Yardening

Today is partly sunny and sweltering.  There is rain but it is frustratingly just out of reach.  >_<

Round One, I cleared space to plant 5 privets along the streetside edge of the savanna. 

Washington hawthorn and red twig dogwood are blooming.  Iris and peonies still have a few blooms but are mostly done.  Blackberries are blooming.  Raspberries, crabapples, and cherries have green fruit.  Mulberries have green or slightly pink fruit.

EDIT 5-27-18: Round Two, we went out and planted 5 privets in the savanna.

EDIT 5-27-18: Round Three, I covered and mulched the new privets.

EDIT 5-27-18: Round Four, I watered the new privets and some of the potted plants.

EDIT 5-27-18: Round Five, I potted up the two tabasco peppers in a big round pot; torenia, cleome, salvia, and another blue-and-white flower in a trough; bronze fennel, weeping rosemary, lemon verbena, and dill in another trough.  I planted dianthus and pink sedum in the septic garden.