May 19th, 2018


Poem: "Habits of Manifestation"

This poem came out of the May 15, 2018 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired and sponsored by Shirley Barrette. It also fills the "habits / routines" square in my 4-7-18 card for the [community profile] origfic_bingo fest.

"Habits of Manifestation"

Sitting in a chair,
reading a book
on a quiet evening;

looking out at the deck,
where the songbirds are
eating from the feeders;

coming to the table,
set with homemade food
and eating from the feast --

these simple pleasures are
also habits of manifestation.

They take what is good in life
and cause it to exist.

If more people valued
reading and birdwatching
and eating than consuming
entertainment full of violence,

the world would be a better place.


Readers as Unicorns

Here's an interesting article about readers as unicorns, and the art of attracting them. 

Now if I were trying to attract a unicorn, I'd start where I would with any form of wildlife: the environment.  What do they like?  Vast tracts of unspoiled land.  Well, I'm fucked there, but I can certainly make my yard a more hospitable place.  I've spooked deer out of it.  A unicorn wouldn't surprise me. There are lots of overgrown nooks and crannies where wildlife can hide.  I'd make sure the habitat included lots of different plants.  Here, unicorn, have some clover.  Eat the frigging pasture roses, they're invasive.

Readers?  The article makes a valid point about satisfying emotional experiences.  That's the core of all entertainment, really. So I just look for the things that readers love most.  This is actually easy to identify -- just check the most popular motifs in fanfic.  Those are things that people love so much, they'll make their own, a zillion times over.  So I just load that stuff directly into my canons.  You want two boys kissing?  Pucker up.  You want the villain and the hero to make up already?  Here they are.  You want heroes of color?  Aho!  Ashe!  You want the whole QUILTBAG?  Wheeeeee rainbows rainbows everywhere!  :D

It's not actually that hard.

Saturday Yardening

Today is mostly sunny and very warm with a light breeze.  We have a covenmate helping us with yardening today.  So far we've been pulling fieldweeds and picking up sticks to pile in the firepit. 

EDIT 5/19/18 -- We moved deeper into the orchard and picked up more fieldweeds.  The core of the fire is well built.  Then we switched to sticks and branches.
Fly Free


This is the freebie for the May [community profile] crowdfunding Creative Jam. It was inspired by a prompt from [personal profile] alexseanchai. It also fills the "supernatural" square in my 5-1-18 General card for the Pro Wrestling Bingo fest.  You can read more about acrostic poetry online.

-- an acrostic poem

In this world there are many things
Numinous and inexplicable,
Ephemeral and fascinating.
For all our science, still we seek
Fulminating mysteries beyond
All comprehension and explication.
Believe that anything is possible;
Learn that not everything can be explained;
Enjoy the awe of the supernatural in all its mystery.