April 24th, 2018


The Genocide Continues

In today's trumpery, #45 is seeking to undermine the health of Native Americans by attacking tribal health care.  By arguing that tribes are only a race, not sovereign nations, he can deny them things that sovereign nations can do.  (They're actually both.)  If he can make this stick, it sets the stage for undermining far more than health care.

Now, understand that "tribal rights" aren't really rights.  They are routinely violated.  They're really a description of debts owed by the U.S. government to certain groups of its victims, and the government will do anything it can to skip out on those debts.  Politicians don't care if they kill people.  But of course, when you make it harder for people to get health care, that kills some of them.  Which is an act of genocide.

Of particular concern is the work requirement itself, because the unemployment rate on reservations runs over 90% in some tribes.  There are no jobs on some reservations.  So how exactly are "able-bodied adults" supposed to work if there is no employment within reach?  The government doesn't care about that, and it doesn't have to.  The same applies in many poor areas, but it is worst on the reservations, which are the poorest parts of the continent, which is not an accident.

Poetry Fishbowl on Tuesday, May 1

This is an advance announcement for the Tuesday, May 1, 2018 Poetry Fishbowl. This time the theme will be "Neurodiversity." I'll be soliciting ideas for neurovariant people, their friends and families, special education teachers, social workers, other neurotypical people working with neurovariant people, activists, outcasts, perceiving the world differently, struggling to survive, being yourself, discovering your strengths, working with the brain you have, meeting other neurovariant people, fighting against oppression, stimming, spinning, hand flapping, sensory seeking, sensory avoidinggoing nonverbal, asking questions, exploring new techniques, learning what you can do, sensory rooms, quiet rooms, homes, classrooms, studios, government offices, the wilderness, other places where neurovariant folks hang out, autism, sensory processing disorder, dyslexia/dyscalculia, synaesthesia, dyspraxia, augmented/alternative communicationmeltdowns, zones/fugues/hyperfocus, fidgets, adaptive equipment for neurodiversity, theories of mind, the nature of consciousness, activism, representation, and poetic forms in particular.

Neurodiversity is the principle that conditions like autism are part of the normal, natural variation in the human species.  We have different skin colors, sizes, porportions of muscle cell types -- and wetware.  There are many types of neurovariance.

I have a linkback poem, "Nascent Wisdom" (15 verses, standalone). 

If you're interested, mark the date on your calendar, and please hold actual prompts until the "Poetry Fishbowl Open" post next week.  (If you're not available that day, or you live in a time zone that makes it hard to reach me, you can leave advance prompts.  I am now.)  Meanwhile, if you want to help with promotion, please feel free to link back here or repost this on your blog. 

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Tuesday Yardening

Today is mild and gray.  We picked up sticks between the house and driveway, then up and down the driveway, and broke up some larger branches for the firepit.

I fed the birds.  Lots of mourning doves, sparrows, and starlings out today, along with a few cardinals.

Later daffodils are blooming: multiflowered white jonquils, yellow daffodils with small orange cups, and white with small orange cups.  The mayapple and bluebells are getting bigger too.  More hostas are up. 

Poem: "Desperate Measures"

This poem is spillover from the January 2, 2018 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired It was inspired by prompts from [personal profile] siliconshaman and [personal profile] dialecticdreamer. It also fills the "against all odds" square in my 1-3-18 card for the [community profile] trope_bingo fest, and the "phobias" square in my 4-3-17 card for the [community profile] origfic_bingo fest. This poem has been sponsored by a pool with [personal profile] ng_moonmoth and [personal profile] dialecticdreamer. It belongs to the Kraken thread of the Polychrome Heroics series, and immediately follows the poem "Bitter Ice," so read that one first or this will make no sense.

Warning: This poem contains some intense material. Highlight to read the warnings, some of which are spoilers. It includes temporal displacement, references to World War I, fatalities, secret societies, minor medical details, a female-bodied person presenting as male among the crew of a German U-boat, extreme stress and confusion, jerry-rigging a super-weapon into a suspended animation device, panic, phobia of death, traumatic stress, self-recrimination, references to historic discrimination and questionable attitudes, difficult conversations, suicide of several crew members during World War I, rebellion, and other challenges. If these are sensitive issues for you, please consider your tastes and headspace before reading onward.

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