March 11th, 2018


Read "Song of the Space Whale" by Zeeth_kyrah

 [personal profile] zeeth_kyrah has written the story "Song of the Space Whale" based on a prompt in my fishbowl earlier this week.  It's about a sentient warship who has become a force for peace and healing.  This is some of the best science fiction I've read in a while, and it reminds me of the stuff I grew up reading, rather than today's tits and guns with aliens.

Better Than a Fidget Spinner

... is a butterfly knife.  After release, Shiv practiced first with a blunt trainer, then with a single-edge, before going back to his double-edge.  Despite its reputation for danger -- which comes from people trying to do tricks with it -- a butterfly is actually the safest kind of folding knife to use.  Its construction means that, once you have it open with both handles in hand, the blade cannot collapse to cut you.