March 4th, 2018

Origami Mage

Poem: "Advice from the Heavenly Empress"

This poem was written outside the regular prompt calls. It has been sponsored by [personal profile] kengr. It belongs to the Origami Mage series.

"Advice from the Heavenly Empress"

Mazu looks down from
her throne and takes pity on
origami mage:

"You and your rival
have such a long history --
now throw it away."

origami mage
whispers, "I do not know how,
Heavenly Empress."

Mazu says to her,
"You must find something you both
value more than spite."

Thousand Miles Eye
says, "You both love the paper
with which you make things."

With-the-Wind-Ear says,
"Both of you love the magic
with which you were born."

origami mage
looks at the three of them, all
standing together

"I will share with her
the pearls of your wisdom," vows
origami mage

* * *


Mazu is a Chinese goddess of the sea.  Among her servants are Qianliyan ("Thousand-Mile Eye") and Shunfeng'er ("With-the-Wind Ear").

Origami Mage

Poem: "senbazuru"

This poem was written outside the regular prompt calls, inspired by [personal profile] marina_bonomi. It has been sponsored by [personal profile] kengr. It belongs to the Origami Mage series.


kirigami --
both are made from
the same paper

fingers, scissors --
both are tools of
the same magic
quickening life

between them blooms
a strange new art,
one page cut to
fold several forms

new growth sprouts from
their common ground;
they have become
equal masters

the school is filled
with children
their voices like
the cries of birds

no more rivals,
no more running,
only delight
unfolding now

cut, crease, release:
in the courtyard
one thousand cranes
take to the sky

* * *


Everything Origami by Matthew Gardiner. Hinkler Books, 2008. p. 4
Senbazuru -- A paper craft in which a single square of paper is cut to make multiple squares joined at the corners; the name senbazuru means "one thousand cranes."


Going Nonverbal

Everyone goes nonverbal sometimes. Under enough stress, the higher brain functions shut down to protect the mind and/or route limited resources to critical areas. You've probably seen someone reduced to silent rocking or incoherent wails at a funeral or other catastrophic situation. For trauma survivors, and people with a language or social disability, everyday life may sometimes get that stressful, so they lose some or all of their ability to communicate.

You can help first by not adding to that stress, second by sympathizing with the situation, and third by reducing the stress so the person can move toward their usual level of functioning. Here are some tips from sometimes-nonverbal people for what to do if a friend goes nonverbal and what to do if a partner does.  Some of these are relationship-specific: any time you're close with someone who has a chronic condition that complicates their life, it is polite to ask them how they want folks to respond when those complications crop up.  Other tips are useful for emotional first aid in general, such as if you come upon the scene of a car crash and a random stranger is rocking or wailing in horror.

The worst thing about a crisis is usually not knowing what to do and therefore feeling helpless.  It's a lot less scary and uncomfortable if you know some things to try.  You can usually get a crisis down to an embarrassing nuisance.

EDIT 3/7/18 -- Below is a discussion of what to do if you tend to go nonverbal in a doctor's office.


New Birdfeeder

Today I took out the new birdfeeder to do the fine sanding, then wiped it down with a damp cloth.  Another day, I'll put on the sealant.

I'm hearing lots of birdsong today but they haven't been around the feeders much.  Probably they are eating elsewhere, as the weather has been temperate.

My Eranthis flowers are budding but not open yet.  Miniature iris are sprouting too.  Snowdrops are in full bloom.

Poem: "Pick Out the Best Parts"

This poem was written outside the regular prompt calls. It fills the "independent" square in my 1-31-18 You Are card in the Valentines Bingo fest. It has been sponsored by a pool from [personal profile] ng_moonmoth including [personal profile] janetmiles[personal profile] technoshaman, Hal, [personal profile] fred_mouse[personal profile] dialecticdreamer, and EdorFaus. This poem belongs to the Shiv thread of the Polychrome Heroics series.

Warning: This poem contains some touchy topics. Highlight to read the warnings, some of which are spoilers. It features scrambling to finish things on time, touch aversion, Shiv taking a while to watch things before trying them himself, Shiv and Halley still being wary of each other but at least interacting now, tactile defensiveness, low self-esteem, distorted thought patterns, panic over dealing with anyone in uniform, praise aversion, insecurity, and other challenges. It's mostly fluff, but the inside of Shiv's head is a mess, so sometimes he stresses out over things more than usual. If these are sensitive issues for you, please consider your tastes and headspace before reading onward.

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Encouraging Physical Activity in Terramagne

I got to comparing physical activity between local-America and Terramagne. I see more and more problems here, from criminalizing healthy activities like skateboarding to criminalizing just being outdoors alone for anyone under various ages up to 18. Young people have completely lost the right to roam, which means few of them now develop active habits. Then society is "shocked" and "concerned" when young people turn out fat, isolated, and mentally ill. Meanwhile over in Terramagne ...

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